About Convene

Our Story

Our founder Dan Kosta and winemaker Shane Finley have collaborated on wines of distinction for over fifteen years. On their quest of crafting exceptional Pinot Noir and Chardonnay blends from California’s premier winegrowing regions, Convene is the ultimate expression. 

From the Sonoma Coast to Russian River Valley, these wines comprise the best vineyards within each appellation. The result is a diverse, yet quintessential portfolio of wines, curated by some of the wine industry’s most discerning palates. 

Dan Kosta

Founder & President

It has been said that it takes two lifetimes to learn to make great wine. While he may not have actually lived twice, Dan Kosta has reinvented himself as a vintner over and over. From building wine lists at high-end restaurants such as John Ash & Co., to developing cult wine brands including his namesake Kosta Browne, and collaborating with celebrities such as chef Emeril Lagasse, Dan’s quest for the best glass of Pinot Noir is fastidious.

“At the end of the day, we want friends and families to come together to share in the pleasure of this experience.”

Shane Finley


Recognized in the wine community for his passion, skill, and attention to detail, Shane has been steadfast partner in the journey of Convene. He has worked around the world, from Australia’s Barossa Valley to Northern Rhône and Russian River Valley. Shane and Dan have worked together since the early Kosta Browne days. 

“Single vineyard wines are pure expressions of terroir; they are focused on what the site does best. Blends, in contrast, present the challenge of harmonizing disparate vineyards and all their unique characteristics. The process of melding multiple vineyards into a true representation of its appellation is tremendously rewarding.”

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